Pet Safety Alert Pet Alert Window Decal is the perfect sign to alert everyone in case of emergency that there are pets in the house. You can place it on a high visible area such as windows or sliding glass doors so that it can be clearly seen by anyone. Please clear window area thoroughly before applying.

Pet Safety Alert Pet Alert Window Decal 2 Pack


Product Features

  • Save your Pets when You are not a Home
  • Adheres to Glass Surface

Some customer reviews

“They are decals, not stickers. Which is WAY better. That way it doesn’t leave any residue and you can move it around. Finally, one that had a place for me to list my birds as well as my dog and cats. It also has a space for other types or animals.” — Steph

“Just the right size and self adhesive with no glue to leave marking on window. Perfect way to notify fire fighters to the presence of a beloved pet being inside home.” — Becky A. Wolfe

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