Pet Agree Ultrasonic Trainer helps reducing training time from months in just weeks. You can use this ultrasonic trainer for dog or cat, it works just the same. All you need is the click of a button, you won’t hear it but this high frequency sound is emitted that emphasizes verbal commands to your pet.

Pet Agree Ultrasonic Trainer


Product Features

  • Comes with a long life battery, LED battery level indicator, and belt clip.
  • Also use in training cats.

Some customer reviews

“I was skeptical whether this product would work given the price and give than my dog is a beast. You don’t even have to point this at the animal and it works. I have a very aggressive and hyper german shepherd and this brings her right to attention. I wish I would have purchased this a long time ago before purchasing a shock collar. After opening the box, I realized that this is the same training aid my professional dog trainer uses.” — Cmiddl01

“Pet-Agree was recommended to me by my veterinarian’s assistant to control excessive barking and I have not been disappointed. My dogs are very responsive to use of Pet-Agree in conjunction with an appropriate command and they are quickly learning to be quiet and obedient. I recommend Pet-Agree to anyone who needs to control excessive barking.” — Clifford H. Rogers

“Our dog has a habit of spinning and barking when he gets too excited or agitated. He hates it when I go on the stairmaster, so he spins and barks the whole time, and when people come over, it’s a constant battle to get him to be quiet. I was out of other options, so I thought I’d give Pet Agree a try. I used it on him one time in the last 6 weeks, and now all I have to do is show it to him, and he’s quiet. It’s truly a stress reliever for us and helped solve a big problem for our family.” — Margie Giles

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