Perky-Pet bird feeder cleaning mop is extremely effective for cleaning oriole as well as hummingbird feeders. It helps to stop excess water and mold from accumulating on bird feeders. These specially designed cleaning foam mops are very easy to use and are highly efficient. These foam mops are made up of scratch free material and they can also help you in cleaning feeder bottles effectively and gently. You should always remember that when it comes to feeding the bottles, it should be cleaned on a daily basis to avoid water residue and unsafe molds from building up inside the container.

Perky Pet Foam Feeder Cleaning Mop


Product Features

  • Foam cleaning bristles fit in almost all feeders
  • Great for hummingbird and oriole feeders
  • Flexible wire brush handle makes cleaning much easier
  • Carded Adding to support the bird niche plan-o-gram.


This product is also available in these merchants
- Bird buy-now
- Garden buy-now

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