Trouble with dirty paws of your best friend? Paw Plunger was designed specifically to eliminate all that mess. No more uncomfortable doggie boots, I think your dog will appreciate this product. Paw Plunger will gently clean paws before your pup making a mess on your precious carpet or rug or any freshly mopped floor. Just fill Paw Plunger with warm water and plunge each dirty paw into it. Let the water and soft deep cleaning bristles do the cleaning work for you, then simply dry it with a towel. You can save a lot of money and time with it.

Paw Plunger


Product Features

  • Quickly and easily cleans dogs paws
  • Helps to eliminate dogs bringing in dirt, mud, salt and chemicals in to house or car
  • For most dog breeds- over 80 lbs

Paw Plunger


Some customer reviews

“The paw plunger is great! It looks like a big coffee mug. Spring in Michigan is muddy. Sargeant Harley is a boxer and even though he is not excited about me putting his paws in it he lets me do it. Plunge and wipe. Easy to clean up too.” — Sharon Mensch

“We have a large white dog and this works well in getting the mud off of her paws.” — James M. Casey

“I ordered this on recommendation from a friend. I was tired of wiping muddy paws with a dry towel and not having all the mud get removed. In warmer weather I can use the hose but during a winter thaw the paw plunger is perfect. My dog usually flinches when I touch his paws but he didn’t mind the paw plunger at all.” — A. M. Adamy

Paw Plunger


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