Correct eating position is one of important parts in reducing stress on joints and muscles, bloat, and gas to our lovely pets. OurPets Healthy Diner provides ergonomically correct height eating position by raising the food and water, this way, your pets will be more comfortable when having their meal, especially for older pets or those suffering from bone and joints problems. This product is made from recycled plastics in the U.S.A. It features a modern design to fit your contemporary home decor, non-skid base, and easy-carry handles. The diner also features unique self watering and a table top ridge to prevent spills.

Our Pets Healthy Diner


Product Features

  • Elevated pet feeder provides ergonomically correct eating position
  • American-made from recycled plastic
  • Reduces stress on joint and muscles, while reducing gas and bloat
  • Self-watering feature
  • Includes 2 stainless steel bowls

Our Pets Healthy Diner


Some customer reviews

“My dogs are eating much better since we got their new “pet diner”, and much less air is swallowed so they do not have stomach problems as before. Great product.” — R. Kershaw

“I get the feeling it might slide on my stone kitchen floor, so it’s in a corner. Other than that, the color is good, height is perfect and the water add on is pretty sweet.” — M. Meyst

“The item showed up very quickly and was everything it promised both in picture and the written description. This company is very reliable and it was a pleasure to do business with them. I would highly recommend this product to pet owners with larger dogs, it is good for their digestion and easy for the owner to clean between feedings.” — A. Parsons

“I really like this product because of the elevated feeding platform and the stainless steel bowls” — Christopher D. Cox

Our Pets Healthy Diner


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