Otiderm Ear Cleansing Formula is especially designed to deodorize, clean, dry and acidify the ear canal. You need to apply it gently into the ear canal, massage the base of the ear, let your pet enjoy the massage. They will shake head later, it’s okay. Clean excess with a cotton ball. This provides a great environment for healthy ears. It is suggested to always apply Otiderm after swimming.

Otiderm Ear Cleanser


Product Features

  • Specifically formulated to deodorize and gently clean, dry and acidify the ear canal
  • This provides an ideal environment for healthy ears
  • Recommended by veterinarian

Some customer reviews

“Very pleased. Will reorder for sure. Great product especially for the price. My dogs ears are sparkling clean & no longer stinky. They don’t mind the cleaning and feel great after.” — 3 Big Dogs

“I warmed up the bottle for 5 seconds in the microwave before putting in a few drops in my dogs ears. The breeder told me since dogs have high body temperature, they don’t like having cold solution in their ears. I love the sweet smell!” — Teresa

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