Are you looking for high protein and low carbohydrate dog food? You might need to consider Orijen Adult Formula Dry Dog Food that is specifically grain free formulated to replicate the same rich balance of meats, fruits, vegetables. All dogs are carnivores by nature thriving on a varied diet of meats with smaller amounts of fruit, vegetables, and they are biologically adapted to metabolize proteins and fats as their source of energy.

Orijen Adult Grain Free Dry Dog Food


Some customer reviews

“My pup (3 year old maltese) has a serious allergy to grain and a generally screwed up digestive system. The first year of his life was sort of trial and error when it comes to the right kind of dog food for him and a lot of long nights with upset stomachs. Eukanuba (which can barely be called dog ‘food’) nearly killed him and he ended up having to get fluids injected because of how dehydrated he got on it. Hundreds of dollars to the vet later, we did research on dog food and the common grain allergy. We have tried all of the good grain-free brands, like Evo, Wellness, Merrick, etc. Orijen has been the best of the bunch.

If you are worried about your dog having too much protein, I haven’t really had a problem at all despite my little dog. He has been on Orijen for over two years and he is pretty much all lean muscle (all 13lbs of him!), despite being mostly sedentary outside of daily walks. He has clear, tear-stain free eyes, a shiny coat, and has never been sick since starting on this food. I can’t help but think his excellent quality food has been keeping him healthy!” — mdsc18

“The initial food of the cost maybe seem steep, but the ingredients are superior in quality, I like the fact that its made by a small company and I hope they wont be involved in any recalls. The food is very rich, so you’re feeding less then cheap grocery brands full of fillers, meat feeds muscle not corn, my dog has several allergies and for a long time I couldn’t settle on a food that didn’t upset his stomach or gave him gives, bad breath, etc. He gobbles this up every evening and thinks its a treat. Well worth the money spent.” — Vladimir Antonyuk

“I felt comfortable feeding my dog this product but the high protein caused him to urinate too much. Since he is not a very active dog I switched him to Blue Buffalo and his system is doing a lot better.” — Curly Locks

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