Have a new puppy? Nylabone Puppy Double Action Chew is here to soothe your puppy teeth and gums. You can discourage destructive chewing by giving this little guy a toy of his own, trust me, you’re saving your furniture and shoes. The combination of durable nylon and soft rubber will help keeping teeth clean and at the same time satisfy the teething urge.

Nylabone Puppy Double Action Chew


Product Features

  • Made from soft, natural rubber to soothe teething
  • Durable nylon with massaging nubs helps reduce plaque and tartar
  • Guaranteed to satisfy a teething pup’s need to chew
  • NOT for adult dogs or puppies with permanent teeth

This product is also available in these merchants
- Amazon buy-now
- 1-800petsupplies buy-now

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