hyper dog tennis ball launcher

Play throw and catch with your dog can be fun with Hyper Dog Tennis Ball Launcher. All you need to do is pull, shoot and scoop for a hands-free game of Fetch with your dog at the playground or nearest park. You won’t make your hands dirty, just pull and let the ball fly. Using tennis ball, you can launch it up to 220 feet in desirable direction and when your lovely dog returns the ball to you, just reach down scoop it up with the launcher for a hands-free pickup. Not only you’ll have a great time, this tool is also come in handy in training your pal.

hyper dog tennis ball launcher

Small, medium, or large sized dogs usually love to play fetch, in fact they might bug you to play all the time. I usually tease my dog by pretending not to look at her when she shoves her toy into my hand. Because every time I try to reach for the toy, she runs so fast and laughs all the way. Cute isn’t it? Using Hyper Dog tennis ball launcher, it would be easier for you to throw (save your shoulder from any pain) and pickup the ball. When your dog returns the ball, there’s no need for you pick it up with your hand, just scoop it up with the launcher. Please don’t launch the ball too far, it’s not good to give your dog the trouble in finding the ball. The next time you ask him to play, he might not be interested remembering the exhausting process he has to go through to get the ball back to you.

There are 2 versions of hyper dog toys, one version holds only 2 balls and the other one can hold up to 4 balls. It’s your choice.

hyper dog tennis ball launcher

When you purchase this toy, you might want to buy another spare of band, because there are several complain that say the original band that comes with this toy snapped after only several shots. In this case, I suggest you to buy from a merchant that has a good return policy. It is also suggested to replace the slingshot rubber with hunting slingshots, it might work better. Too bad Hyper Dog’s company doesn’t have official website where we can send them some suggestions to create better quality of the rubber band.

If you have any experience (good or bad) with this Hyper Dog tennis ball launcher, please I’d like to hear it from you. Who knows, the creator of this product might read it and implement your suggestions.

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