Newman’s Own Organics Adult Dog Food with chicken and rice flavor is a new holistic formula based on the newest concept in animal nutrition.

Newman's Own Organics Adult Dog Food Formula


Product Features

  • One 12.5 pound bag of dry dog food
  • Organic ingredients
  • Pack with 12.5 pound bag

Some customer reviews

“Our dog is 13 years old and for the last couple of years, his stomach has become particularly sensitive. We tried various brands of dog food before settling on Newman’s Own. Our dog loves it and has not had any more trouble with his stomach. It is hard to find though. I was buying it from a small local organic grocery store but they only carried it in the smallest size and I was paying almost twice as much as on Amazon. Now I have it set up on Amazon to ship monthly.” — BusyB

“I bought this dog food initally because I like everything that I have tried from Newmans Products for humans. So, I thought that my Pug, Chloe may like Newmans also. Well, she sure does, there is no turning up her nose at it. I get it delivered regualry, so this negates the need to make a special trip to get Dog food.” — C.L. Semenyna

“My dogs love it, even the little princess terrier. I’ve tried many other brands and they enjoy this one the most as so far.” — Pei Kang

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