MVP Vet Syringes for U-40 insulin 0.5cc Needle is especially designed for smooth and accurate delivery. Your pet won’t feel the pain because each of these needles has special coating that makes it easier to insert. This vet syringe features finger flange and thumb rest for positive grip and easy control.

MVP Insulin Syringe U-40 29 Gauge 0.5cc Needle


Product Features

  • Advanced design of plunger ensures smooth and correct movement inside barrel.
  • Optimum design of finger flange and thumb rest provides comfortable and positive grip for easy control.
  • Surgical grade stainless steel needle is securely attached eliminating needle pop-off.
  • Multi-facet needle bevel with lubricant coating allows smooth and more comfortable injection.
  • Transparent barrel give excellent view of syringe contents.
  • Easy to read graduated numbers minimize dosage errors
  • Single unit markings for more precise measurement of doses.
  • Tight fitting and leak-proof plunger tip.
  • No “dead space” for accurate dosage and less waste.
  • Latex-free.

Some customer reviews

“This is a single use syringe which I use for my diabetic cat. It inserts easily and doesn’t seem to cause him any pain. The only draw back is that this syringe seem to allow tiny air bubbles, but I would recommend it.” — Brenda Russell

“My vet tried to charge me $46.00 for these same needles. I was pleasantly surprised that they did not seem to bother my cat when I started using them to inject him. They have some special coating on them that makes them easier to insert. They come packaged with a tip protector, as well as a protector on the end of the plunger.” — H. Berk

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