Beautiful, clean, and simple double pet feeder from Holden Design, trust me, you don’t have to hide it when guests come to visit. Holden Design offers both style and simplicity, check out the smooth surfaces and clean lines, it will match your home decor perfectly. This is actually a gift for both of you, your pets can enjoy their food while you can enjoy the sculptural beauty of it. This product comes in 2 different sizes: small and large.

Holden Designs DF-X Double Pet Feeder


Product Features

  • Unique modern design
  • Hardwood veneer interior
  • Water-resistant laminate exterior
  • Available in cherry and walnut finishes

Holden Designs DF-X Double Pet Feeder


A customer review

“We use this product for a single cat. Allows the cat to feed over the course of the day, without much supervision. The design of the feeder complements are newly remodeled kitchen. It also keeps the kitty bowls organized and out of our way.” — Ted

This product is also available in this merchant
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