Invite all Hummingbirds to your front porch. This Mills Brothers 1661 Natural Hummingbird Food has no preservatives and using all natural coloring. It comes with 3 individual pre-measured packets for easy to use. Each 3 ounce packet will create 15 ounces of nectar with no mess.

Mills Brothers 1661 Hummingbird Food

Product Features

  • All natural food contains sucrose and natural colors
  • Three individual pre-measured packets for ease of use
  • 15 ounces of instant nectar in each pack
  • 45 total ounces of nutrition
  • No mess or fuss

Some customer reviews

“I have been using this hummingbird food for years. The local hummingbirds seem to love it. I have tried others, but, the local humming birds seem to shun them. Recently I had difficulty locating the MILLS Brothers humming food locally. I found it at Amazon.

I found that by using a Rubbermaid “RefillReuse” 20 oz. plastic bottle, mixing the food with water becomes easy. One side of the bottle is marked with a 10 oz. mark and a 20 oz. mark. Between those two marks is blank mark. That would be the 15 oz. mark.

I empty a bag of hummingbird food into the bottle. Fill the bottle with water until it reaches the mark between the 10 oz. and the 20 oz. marks. Replace the cap making sure the spout is closed and shake. Done.” — Mr. G

“No Humming bird food compares to this product. It draws 3-4 times the humming Birds than other products.” — John S.

“We’ve been feeding the hummies for about 5 years now and I always felt guilty giving them sugar water with red food dye in it. UNTIL just this year I found the Mills Bros. Hummingbird Food. They use natural colors and the box says it also contains some vitamins and mineral. I have to say, the proof is in the pudding, because we, too, have had a higher number of visits from all of the various hummies who have found our feeder. We’ve become the favorite gathering place! I have now recommended this food to my friend and it’s the only one I will plan. That is unless I can figure out how to make my own and make it red with some natural substance. Thanks, everyone, for caring for wildlife!!” — Hope K. Gerecht

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2 Responses to “Mills Brothers Natural Hummingbird Food”

  1. July 30, 2011 at 5:25 am
    paige zellerbach says:

    why is this hummingbird food so expensive??? I have used it for years and Amazon just keeps raising the price. 7.22 for a box of 3 packets of hummingbird food?? REALLY?? What a rip off. Does anyone know of any place else to get this??

    • Piggly Wiggly sells it pretty cheap from what I could see ($2-3.00 a box of three) but there are none remotely close to me :-( ( Check the website….they have a store locator on it.

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