Midwest Stainless Steel Snap’y Fit Water and Feed Bowl will hold firmly the water or feeding bowl of your pets, yet it allows for easy removal. Conventional water bowls can be frustrating, because your pets could dislodge the bowls and spill the food or water all over their cage or on the floor. Using Snap’y Fit, a patented system, it will solve your problem. The bowls are available in 10 fl. ounce, 20 fl. ounce, 4 fl. cup & 8 fl. cup (1 and 2 qt.) sizes.

Midwest Stainless Steel Snap'y Fit Water and Feed Bowl


Product Features

  • Rust-proof, brushed Stainless Steel bowl
  • Patented snap-in-bowl bracket
  • Dual pole design to prevent rotating bowl
  • Easy wing nut removal

Some customer reviews

“This is perfect for when you have to crate your dogs for a few hours when you leave the house. It gives our 6 month old puppy and 4 year old dog just enough water until we get home. It was difficult to detach the bowl the first time, but after that it’s been easy. Also, it’s very easy to attach to the kennel and once on, it is very secure.

I do recommend filling it while the bowl is already in place to avoid spills.

I plan on getting a larger one for our puppy when she is bigger (she’s going to be between 60-80 lbs full grown) but this size is perfect for our adult dog who is 50 lbs.” — Arro’s Mom

“Once a very kind lady informed me that Avon’s Skin so Soft would remove the inside sticker, this bowl became a hit. It rocks! I don’t even have any trouble filling it and snapping it in the kennel as is. Although, I do agree that filling it after you attach it is smarter. My dogs get really snarky if this bowl doesn’t stay filled at all time. I’ve gotten racks for their bowls but they’re never quite the right height from the ground. Apparently this one is because they line up when it’s empty even though there’s a perfectly good bowl sitting not two feet away that’s full of clean, sparkly water. Sigh. I guess I’ll buy another one.” — D. Davis

“I’ve tried several of these type of bowls and this worked by far the best, staying secure even on a level 3 heavy duty crate with thick gauge steel for my escape artist dog! I would definitely buy this again!” — Koi

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