Midwest Expandable Guinea Habitat is designed specifically for guinea pig or small pets with interactive and expandable habitat. It has plenty of room for your little pets to play around, exercise, explore and socialize. This cage is made of PVC lined canvas bottom and it’s washable. Some easy assembly is needed, but you don’t need additional tool to do it. Since this habitat is expandable, you can buy another Guinea Habitats to give more room to your guinea pig to run around in, the bigger the better :) , your pets will thank you for this.

Midwest Expandable Guinea Habitat


You can even fold flat this guinea habitat for easy storage or transport, this cage is good for indoor or outdoor use.

Product Features

  • This cage provides plenty of room for your guinea pig to exercise, explore, or socialize at will
  • You can expand it by adding another guinea habitat which sold separately
  • Attractive epoxy-coated panels provide 8 square feet of play area
  • No tools needed to set this cage up, perfect for indoor and outdoor use

Midwest Expandable Guinea Habitat


Based on some customer reviews, this cage is not only look beautiful in the photos but it looks even better for real. There’s a lot of space and very easy to clean, your guinea pig will love this large room. An excellent product for excellent price. To create more room, just attach another cage to the existing one.

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