Critter Nation Hedgehog Cage from Midwest is designed specifically for small pets with smaller bar spacing. It offers 2 choice for you, single unit and double unit. Critter Nation is easy to assemble, no additional tools needed, you just need to follow the instruction to get this cage ready for your pets. It’s made of a sturdy square tube frame with wire construction for security. Critter Nation Hedgehog Cage features a stand with locking caster wheels, this will make it easier to maneuver when needed. You can also raise the cage at your convenient height while at the same time providing extra storage for your pet supplies, such as food, treats, and toys.

Finished in platinum gray hammer tone, this hedgehog cage will fit and blend with your interior decor. For security purposes, this unit comes with critter-proof dual locking door latches, but with easy-one hand operation.

Midwest Critter Nation Single Unit Hedgehog Cage with Stand


Critter Nation Hedgehog Cage has multiple attachment points, this allow you to hang some pet accessories, such as hammocks, tubes, and other unique toys for your small pets that will make this place an entertainment zone for them. Recommended for rats, chinchillas, ferrets, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, degus and similar sizes pets.

Midwest Critter Nation Double Unit Hedgehog Cage with Stand


Product Features

  • The frame and wire construction is very sturdy
  • It’s been designed with 1/2-inch horizontal wire spacing to keep your pets from escaping the cage
  • The stand is maneuverable with locking casters
  • There are multiple attaching points that you can use to attach toys or accessories
  • The angled ramps are designed specifically to keep your pet safe
  • The double-story model features swing-up locking ramps to secure sections for cleaning cage, feeding & separating critters

Midwest Critter Nation Single Unit Hedgehog Cage with Stand

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