Midwest 142 Ferret Nation Double Level Ferret Cage with Ramps is designed with ferrets and their owner in mind, it’s user-friendly habitat with a lot of features. This ferret cage has plastic pan floor to provide maximum play area and prevents any dangerous falls. To separate ferrets for feeding and care, this unit contains angled ramps that swing-up and lock. It has multiple points for attaching entertainment accessories for your lovely pets, such as hammocks, tubes, and toys.

Midwest 142 Ferret Nation Double Level Ferret Cage with Ramps


Midwest 142 Ferret Nation Double Level Ferret Cage is made with 15-mm sturdy square tube frame and 12-gauge wire, double doors for easy access in cleaning and feeding. For safety reason, this unit features ferret-proof dual-locking doors that latch for simple one-handed operation.

Product Features

  • 12-gauge wire ferret cage with wide expanse shelf and plastic pan floor
  • Full-width double doors; ferret-proof dual locks; 1-by-5-5/8-inch mesh
  • Appropriately angled ramps; points for attaching accessories
  • Stand with locking casters; 2 pans, 2 shelves, and 3 ramps included
  • The maneuverable stand with locking casters raises the cage to a convenient height and provides storage area below
  • Measures 36 by 25 by 62-1/2 inches; 1-year limited warranty

Midwest 142 Ferret Nation Double Level Ferret Cage with Ramps


Some customer reviews

“I had (4) fuzz butts when my hubby bought me this one.. It was such an amazing imporvement from the previous enclosure I had.. With the doors that open up the whole front of the cage, it is so easy to clean and change out the hammocks, etc. I too saw the potential for little fingers and toes to get caught so I immediately came up with a fleece system that covers all possible places that can get pinched toes.. I also make ramp covers for the ramps out of strips of fleece.. It is so easy to just cut a strip and then poke 2 holes at one end and thread it thru the two top prongs of the ramp and then leave the strip long enough that I can weave it thru the last few rungs on the ladder/ramp and tighten down on it so it is taught and then they have a nicer ramp to manuever up and down.. I also cover all levels with home made fleece carpeting except for the Litter level which I leave so I can clean it each day..

My girls love all the levels and all the different hammocks and hide outs that I arrange int here for them each week when I change/clean.. I love this Cage and I highly recommend it..” — Michele R. Moniz

“This is much better than my other x pens. Would recommend to anybody. By the way I use these for rabbits.” — Sheryl A. Lea

“I bought one of these about 5 months ago and it is by far the best. I can clean it easily, ten minutes tops where the last one took an hour or more. I can add levels if I need to. It is super roomy (taller than my 5 feet in height). Very well built. I can’t see how I will ever need another cage. It is that nice. You can also get some custom made covers for the ramps, trays, and other areas. I suggest these because there are some areas I could see a smaller animal getting their foot caught. I used some material I had lying around to cover the ramps. It is easy enough no sewing required. I used a hot glue gun and some velcro and they can be washed. I purchased a nice set for the cage that was handmade and my ferrets love it. They choose to sleep in the cage now where before they would find whatever spot under the couch. You really can’t go wrong with this one.” — Stacey Ann Wallace

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