Merrick Flossies Dog Treats are delicious treat made from tasty beef tendon. This is one of Merrick’s top selling treats, you might want to try to give it to your dog. This dog treat has unique design which create chewing friction against the teeth that helps clean them. All these flossies are loaded with protein and delicious flavor.

Merrick Flossies Dog Treats


Product Features

  • Delicious treat is Merrick¿s top seller
  • Made from beef tendon
  • Tasty all-natural snack
  • Helps clean teeth
  • Please read all label information on delivery

Some customer reviews

“We have a 6 lb yorkie that can’t get enough of the Flossies. We cut them in two and he spends 30 minutes or so chewing a half piece. Yorkies are nortorious for having dirty teath resulting in the need to have a vet do an annual cleaning. With the Flossies, our little guy hasn’t had to suffer this difficult task. We’re happy, and he’s happy.” — Thomas E. Wright

“I purchase Merrick Flossies regularly for my two Westies as well share them with my “dog park friends” of various sizes, breeds! I have not known one dog who refused such addicting treat! Larger breeds would normally woof this size of Flossie down in a few minutes while the smaller breeds much longer.” — J. Lew

“Our 10 month old lab could not live without her daily flossie! If we say flossie she will run straight to the box from anywhere, including outside. She eats them pretty quickly, so sometimes I put it through an everlasting treat ball (a rubber ball, with slots on both sides that you are supposed to put their biscuits in, but our dog gets them out too fast and could choke on them). They cost a lot individually at our local pet store, so it is great to be able to buy them in bulk here. Worth every penny.” — Elsie

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