Marshall Ferret Plush Hide-N-Sleep is cute and colorful toy in fish shape. It looks cozy to hangout, your ferrets will love it. This ferret toy is made with comfortable fleece, you can put it inside or outside your pet’s cage.

Marshall Ferret Plush Hide-N-Sleep


Product Features

  • Fins contain “crackle” material ferrets love
  • Bell toy inside
  • Wide mouth opening measures approx. 4½” in diameter
  • Hand washable, lie flat to dry

Some customer reviews

“Demon loves the krackle materials in fins ! Both of my ferrets love to play with the bell balls to hide in and sleep. This is great !” — Annik from Canada

“Perfect toy for any ferret. It has a bell on the inside and the fins crinkle so it is nonstop fun for my fuzzy. She loves to attack and hiss at it. The best toy I have bought her.” — Dorothy from Houston

“Just received this in the mail yesterday and my ferrets love love love it. They enjoy the krackle fins and the bell. They pick it up and drag it around the room – jumping and attacking it when the bell and/or fins make noise. My only complaint is that it is a bit on the small side – both my boys can’t fit in at the same time. But so far they see it as a toy and not a bed (they have plenty of other beds to nap in) so it’s great!” — Emma from Virginia Beach

“I think its a little expensive, im glad its on sale though, i think they over price everything.. but other then that my ferret LOVES this fish, its super cute and made well. I love when shes hanging out of it.. really adorable” — Crystal from VAN NUYS, CA

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