Luxury Tigrito Cat Bowl from Alessi is a unique and modern cat bowl, designed to give special treat for your fluffy friend. This product has dual stainless steel bowl which can be easily removed for cleaning. This stylish cat bowl is not just a pet feeding bowl, but also a modern home accessories.

Tigrito Cat Bowl by Alessi


Product Features

  • Made of 18/10 stainless steel and PP.
  • 18.59 oz. capacity.
  • Designed by Mirri Miriam.

A customer review

“I love these cat bowls and my cat ate out of it on the first day! This merchant packaged and delivered it very quickly-the service was excellent!!” — Smokeysmom

This product is also available in different colors

Gray Tigrito Cat Bowl by AlessiBlue Tigrito Cat Bowl by AlessiBlack Tigrito Cat Bowl by Alessi

This product is also available in this merchant
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