Having a lot of cats in your house can be really annoying especially when it comes to litter. This is where Litter Robot II Bubble Unit, a self cleaning litter box for cats coming. With durable construction, this litter robot is pretty good for multiple cats. No need to worry about bad odor that is coming from all those cats’ litter, Litter Robot II has odor management with huge carbon filter.

litter robot ii bubble unit

This unit operates quieter and cleaner than other self-cleaning litter box. The size of Litter Robot II Bubble Unit makes it easy for your cats to go in and do their business. This unit has been designed to work with multiple types of litter, not just the premium clumping clay litters. This litter globe and its base unit come in fully assembled. To use it, just plug it in using 12 Volts AC adapter which included in the box, then add litter, that’s it. How this litter globe works? Litter Robot II rotates itself like a mixer to separate the clean litter from the solid waste, leaving the space as fresh as can be. There’s no rake mechanism that will cause jam or require frequent cleaning. Well, the idea is to have a self-cleaning litter box to make your life easier right?

litter robot ii bubble unit (black)

All the waste is dropped into a collector tray which located in drawer at the bottom. No more messy hands. You can line it with any regular kitchen garbage bags to avoid stickiness. Each 2-3 days, you can clean the tray which contains nothing but waste clumps. It also depends on how many cats you have in the house. By the way, you might want to hold your breath ;)

Your house will be cleaner and quieter, no more stain on the carpet and less litter waste. This self-cleaning litter box will drastically reduce odor to none, unless you forget to close the drawer at the bottom.

Maintaining this system is also a breeze. You just have to pay attention to the collector tray, don’t leave it there for days, and of course replace the litter (just scoop it into a plastic bowl or cup and throw it in the garbage).

You might feel a bit hesitation when you see the price. Some people do, however, after they feel the advantages of having this unit in their house, no regret. Consider this as a smart investment to make your life easier. Focus on the long term benefits that you’ll have with this system; It pays for itself in no time. Just for your information, this product comes with 90-day money back guarantee. If Litter Robot II Bubble Unit doesn’t work as it says it will, simply return the unit back.

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