Kyjen Outward Hound Urban Adventure Dog Backpack is a perfect backpack for camping or traveling. This dog backpack features easy-on/easy-off and great design to make sure your pet feel comfortable wearing this backpack. It has secure padded torso strap that won’t make it fidget. You can carry food, water, or treats for your dog in this backpack pockets, it also has zippered pouches. Just carry anything you like to you think you might need while you and your best buddy out on your adventure.

Kyjen Outward Hound Urban Adventure Dog Backpack


Product Features

  • Comfortable backpack holds everything you and your dog need on fun walks to the park
  • Convenient storage pockets carry toys, treats, water, cell phone, keys, etc.
  • Exterior Velcro tab holds used waste pickup bags
  • Padded torso strap provides maximum comfort and secure fit
  • Fits dogs weighing 20-35 pounds with 22- to 26-inch girth

Kyjen Outward Hound Urban Adventure Dog Backpack has Velcro tab which you can use to hold used waste pickup bag, cleaning up any waste is easy. There is a reflective bone strips on the side of the backpack to help motorists see you and your pet in the dark. Urban Adventure dog backpack comes in 3 different sizes: medium, small, and x-small.

This product is also available in small size and x-small size

Kyjen Outward Hound Urban Adventure Dog BackpackKyjen Outward Hound Urban Adventure Dog Backpack

Some customer reviews

“This product is really cute but the size on the picture is deceiving. It appears to be much larger than in actuality. I think the dog that is displaying the product is not a large breed type of dog, maybe a bigger chihuahua. It is useful for holding your keys, cellphone, and money but it will not fit a small, bottled water. It is nice that it has an outer pocket to hold my dog’s poo bag. If you are looking for a dog backpack to hold your smaller items, then this backpack isn’t so bad; but if you are looking to have your dog carry bottled water or other larger items, I would suggest to get other Outward Hound backpacks.” — MT

“This is an excellent back-pack for my cocker spaniel/Cav. King Charles dog. This is the only back pack that I found that is the right size for her. Not too big, not too small. It has plenty of pockets with zippers and velcro. Very sturdy I might add too! VERY easy to put on her. I DEFINITELY recommend this to the med/small size dog. A+++++!” — D. Smith

“I bought this Large Size bag for my 50lbs Pitbull so he could get more exercise out of our daily 30 minutes walk. His girth is about 27″ and the strap still have plenty more space even for a bigger dog. This thing is so light, so easy to set up, easy to adjust, quick to put on, and quick to take off. One thing though, make sure items on both sides weight about the same or your dog will be leaning on one side instead of walking straight forward.” — Numm in SF

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