Kong Naturals Natural Mice cat toy

Kong Naturals Natural Mice toy is made from all natural and renewable materials. This toy is ecologically responsible cat toys. If your cat doesn’t know how to hunt a mouse, well Kong Natural Mice might be able to solve that problem ;) . This toy will stimulate the stalking and hunting instincts of your cat, a funny toy with a purpose.

Every cat is going to adore this toy, including cat’s owners. This catnip is very well made and very strong, it will drive your kitten nuts. Even after weeks, your cat would like to consistently play with these fake mice. Watch as your cat begs for you to play fetch with him.

Not impressed with the look? Yeah, I can understand that, at a glance, this cat toy doesn’t look like mice, with dimensions of 3.8 x 1.6 x 6.7 inches, it looks a mini ball of fabric with a tail. However, this toy is for your cat, not you, so let’s your furry friend decide. Perhaps you can buy Kong Naturals Natural Mice as your cat’s birthday gift? Insert the catnip and give it to your cat. Watch as your cat tosses the mice around and attacks it on the ground, I’m pretty sure your cat will have fun with it. The small size is perfect for cat to carry round. Hey, this might be a good way to get your cat to do some exercises in a fun way rather than sleeping and relaxing all day long on the bed.

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