Kennel-Aire Bunny House is designed specifically to give safety and comfort for your rabbit. This bunny house provides fun and convenience, it has 2 doors (top and side) and is large enough for your rabbit to stretch. Some easy assembly is required. At the bottom of this bunny house, you can see there’s plastic tray where you can slide out to clean. The top door of this cage gives you easy access to your bunny.

Kennel Aire KABH30 Bunny House


Product Features

  • The removable trays make it easy to clean this cage
  • It’s been designed with 2 opening doors
  • The cage and floor surface material is metal
  • Weight around 14 lbs with dimensions : 29.5L x 16.5W x 24.5H inches

Kennel Aire KABH30 Bunny House


Based on some customer reviews, this cage is a great home for bunnies. It’s very durable indoor cage and pretty spacious if you use it for only 1 small rabbit. A customer also said that she wishes the tray slid out from front and back instead of side to side, because it would be easier to remove and clean the tray.

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