New clicker dog training system design with a quiet click. Karen Pryor i-Click Dog Training Clicker is a great clicker for sensitive pets (they don’t like loud sound) or when you use it inside the house. You don’t need to worry even with lighter sound, pets that have been trained with classic box clicker will still understand when they hear the sound of the new i-Click. It doesn’t matter how you hold it, you will still be able to click this clicker. Buy in bulk for cheaper price.

Karen Pryor i-Click Dog Training Clicker


Product Features

  • A quiet click.
  • For classes or for sound sensitive animals it’s the must have tool.
  • animals that have been trained with a classic box clicker completely understand the lighter sound of the new i-Click.
  • i-Click has been designed to let you click no matter how you happen to grab hold of it
  • Strap it to a wheelchair and click with your palm or chin.

Some customer reviews

“I like these clickers especially inside the house as they are a little quieter than some. (I also own a Starmark clicker which is too loud inside) I purchased the 5 pack and chose the quietest one for use inside. Along with it being quieter, outside it is still loud enough unless there is a lot of background noise such as high wind or a stadium competition, but it would have to be fairly noisy since a trained dog is anticipating the click command. You really don’t need a super loud clicker under most training routines. If your dog isn’t responding to the click, you may need to reevaluate your training rountine or the dogs current abilities. But clickers are cheap and I own several to give me the right sound level for each circumstance. These clickers are reliable, easy to click, and click everytime, they feel good in the hand too. They do everything that is written in the mfg’s descrption and do it well. Oh and they are super cheap too, a great buy!!!!” — ChuckleHead

“Great for cold hands and gloves. The button is raised so that you can squeeze it by making a fist, so that clumsy gloves are ok. No exposed plastic means that it’s ok outdoors in winter. It’s muffled, but my dog hears much better than I do, so he does respond to it from a distance.” — Allie

“I have used a few kinds of clickers and I love these. They are quiet, and ‘soft’ to click. I can click in public without being noticably strange. I can switch between these and louder box clickers without effect on the animal. I occasionally still use box clickers for long-distance work, but only when it’s windy anymore. Plus these are glove friendly, and easy to find if dropped. I also find sensitive animals like them better. My animals do ‘seek’ the click, and can hear it from a long distance, I have not been using my box clicker much anymore, my horses and dogs both react to this clicker (after getting used to the quieter noise) from a long distance without a problem. Love them!!! And they are best bought in bulk, I give them away and stash them all over the house and in all my coat pockets.” — F. Payne

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