Joint Relief Sofa Dog Bed is a custom made dog bed with 4-inch thick orthopedic foam liner. It is especially designed to give direct relief for the sore joints and pressure points of your senior dog. It will provide your dog an extra support and security with its bolster. The soft sherpa cover is removable and machine washable, pretty easy to clean. Being an old dog is not easy, at least you can do is comfort her or him in this orthopedic dog bed.

Joint Relief Sofa Dog Bed


Product Features

  • 4″ thick orthopedic foam liner
  • Removable cover
  • Imported
  • Please allow 7 days for personalization

Joint Relief Sofa Dog Bed


Some customer reviews

“I ordered this bed for my almost 14 year old cocker spaniel. He has some joint issues in his hind legs, so he has a tough time lifting himself up. The foam in this bed is very supportive. Because of this, he doesn’t sink into the bed and can get up much easier. The overall look of the bed is very attractive and it’s easy to remove the cover to clean. I’m pleased with the purchase although it was a bit pricey. But my dog is worth it!” — Robyn Dog Lover

“My dogs love their new bed. They use it all the time….sometimes they sleep together – depending on the weather. I will for sure buy this bed again and will show it off to my dog friends!!!” — Jenny, Joey, and Muffet

“Zues(a Belgian Sheep Dog)sleeps all night and wakes up without a limp. The bed is easy to walk into and the back rim pillow makes him feel safe.” — Dave

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