Worried about your pets safety? Using Iris CI-604 Plastic Pet Pet for Dogs, you can be sure they are safe and sound, indoors or outdoors. This product is made of durable commercial-grade plastic, very easy to assemble. It’s available in 2 different sizes, 8 panels and 4 panels. You can work and while your pet watching you and stay safe inside this double steel door latch pet pen. It’s big enough for your furry friend to have some rest and play.

IRIS Plastic Exercise or Containment Pet Pen for Dogs


Product Features

  • Safe, convenient enclosure for your pets
  • Includes 8 interlocking panels made from commercial-grade plastic
  • Double steel door latch keeps pets safely inside
  • Easy assembly
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

IRIS Plastic Exercise or Containment Pet Pen for Dogs


Some customer reviews

“We have 2 full-size pugs that enjoy their new pen. At first I was skeptical if they would not lean on the sides and knock it over as Mini Me weighs 18 pounds and Lexi weighs approximately 12 pounds. They can stand up and lean on the sides with no problem. Currently, I have it in the kitchen so they can watch me cook and clean and it works out great. It is light enough to take down when not in use. I like their new pen because the top is open and I can reach down and pet them and give them their treats without having to open the door constantly. It is large enough that their large bed fits great in the pen with plenty of room also for their play toys. They can watch me work but yet are not under my feet while cleaning. I highly recommend this pen.” — 2 Pugs 2 Love Lisa

“Works as advertised. Easy to assemble and disassemble. I actually purchased 2 so I could make a larger pen. This is a bit taller than some pens in the market and that was a big plus. My only complaint is that I don’t like the way the stakes protrude over the top if you are using the pen indoors. I plan on cutting the stakes since I don’t ever plan setting it up outdoors.” — T.O. Perspective

“This pet pen is fantastic. So easy to put together and move around. Works great for my 5 pound cockapoo! Very sturdy and convenient – for use inside or outside. I love it!” — M. Forgione

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