Innotek IUT-302 UltraSmart Remote Trainer 300 Yards is a good dog trainer with small handheld transmitter. Don’t underestimate the power of this unit because of its small size, it has a lot of features compare to other bulkier units. This Dog Trainer unit provides up to 300 yards with nine stimulation levels, and a backlit LCD digital display. Innotek IUT-302 uses rechargeable lithium ion batteries which you can quickly charge for about 2 hours.

The receiver collar will deliver an electronic stimulus that dogs find uncomfortable, this way, your dogs will learn quickly how to shut off the stimulation by responding to your commands. For added convenience, the system’s exclusive ReadyTest produces a brief, pleasant clicking to indicate the perfect collar fit, plus it shows the three-way battery charge status and warns of potential system problems.

Innotek IUT-302 UltraSmart Remote Trainer 300 Yards


It is recommended to use Innotek IUT-302 UltraSmart Remote Trainer 300 Yards for dogs at least six months old. You need to use a long lead during initial training, this will ensure the control of the situation. You need to stop the training immediately when your dog shows signs of snarling, biting, or growling while using the collar, and consult a professional dog trainer or animal behaviorist.

Product Features

  • Ideal for dog 12-220lbs
  • The collar can work up to 300 Yards
  • It has 9 stimulation levels
  • The weight of waterproof collar receiver is 2 only oz
  • Waterproof Remote Transmitter
  • Collar Charging Station Included
  • Tone Option
  • Instant 2 Level Boost

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