It can be a tough job to do in choosing for the right Halloween costume for your dogs with the numerous costumes available in the market today. How to choose the right dog Halloween costumes for your pet dog can now be very easy especially if you have big or large breed dog with the below mentioned bright ideas.

1. Big Doggie Halloween Costume – also called as Big Daddy, the Big Doggie Halloween costume is ideal if your dog has attitude. You can make this costume using a vest style jacket matched with a leopard skin collar. Compliment your dog’s Halloween get-up with a hat. Wearing this costume with dark muzzle will create a look like an unshaven beard.

Big Daddy Halloween Costume

2. Halloween clown dog – this costume is ideal for dog with a clownish attitude. Your dog will definitely enjoy the costume and would definitely feel comfortable about it as they continue to act like a clown in a normal way. You can easily create a clown costume for your dog by making a funny clown hat, clown outfit, and a clown-themed color necktie.

Clown Puppy Halloween Costume

3. Superman Dog – make your dog feel like a super hero with the superman costume. Doing this is simple by designing the costume wherein the leg part of the costume will fit into the front legs of your dog. To complete the body of the costume, place fake arms to make it look like a standing superman with your dog in it.

Superman Dog Halloween Costume

4. Indiana Jones Dog – this costume is ideal for dogs with a charming personality. You can easily make your dog lovely to any other female dog by creating a jumpsuit of classic Indian Jones attire to start with and completes it with a fedora hat.

Indiana Jones Dog Halloween Costume

5. Dog Vader – inspired form the Star Wars character Darth Vader, dig ideal costume for big dogs will surely scare your neighbor’s cats and dogs. Creating this costume is simple by creating a classic helmet, and jumpsuit with arms attached and a cape with a belt to complete.

Star Wars Darth Vader Dog Halloween Costume

On the other hand, if your dog is a female one, you can opt to have the Cheerleading costume, angel, Miss America, or the belly dancing costume. With the above-mentioned possible costumes, hope you find the best one for your pet.

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