Habitrail Ovo Suite is futuristic and fun penthouse for small pets, such as: hamster, mice, or gerbil. These cool and stylish cages are expandable and you can load it with so many accessories. You can buy extra expandable parts to build your small pet’s dream home, full of entertainment for them. Habitrail Ovo Suite offers 2 ventilated retractable dome doors for 360 degree viewing, while molded walls keep debris inside unlike conventional metal bars.

With its newly redesigned raised food dish, it will keep bedding out. A fresh bottle will provide great access to you and your pets.

Habitrail Ovo Suite 62610 Habitrail


Product Features

  • Unique design mimics the natural burrowing environment of hamsters
  • Includes removable transport unit with handle
  • Comes with food dish, water bottle, wheel, tunnels and connectors
  • Additional accessories available separately

Habitrail Ovo Suite 62610 Habitrail


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2 Responses to “Habitrail Ovo Suite 62610 : Futuristic and Stylish Penthouse for Small Pets”

  1. i have a question. i have got my ovo suite and am waiting for gerbils to arrive at store. i am wondering about the long pieces that on the box are going up i am wondering if it is possible for gerbils to climb up those pieces. please reply to this post other post is garbage i put wrong email in

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