This remote dog training shock collar is generic rechargeable dog training shock collar for one dog which has 6 levels of shock and 1 level of vibration. You can train your dog to stop bad behavior with this product. It has a range of 600 feet in ideal condition and works with dogs from 15 to 100 lbs. Each set contains 1 rechargeable receivers, 1 strap adjustable from 12 to 20 inches long, 1 wall charger, 2 sets of rubber prong and metal prongs, 1 test wire for the shock.

Remote Dog Training Shock Collar for Dog


Product Features

  • There are 6 levels of shock with 1 level vibration
  • It’s been designed with adjustable strap from 12″ – 20″
  • To save battery, this collar has auto sleep system
  • Ideal for dogs from 15 to 100 pounds

Based on some customer reviews, this shock dog collar is pretty effective to stop your dog from jumping on people, stealing and running away, or barking for hours with no particular reason. Please try to use the vibrate setting before escalating to the shock setting. Sometimes, the vibrate button is more than enough to make your dog listen to your command.

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