Traveling with your pet could be messy if you didn’t know what to bring. When traveling by car with your dog or cat, make sure you have the right products. Furry Travelers To Go Bowl fits into your car’s cup holder, it will allow your dog or cat to drink whenever he/she needs to. Enough water means proper hydration. Put your mind at ease knowing your pets thirsts are taken care of. This product is available in various colors: Silver, Red, Pearl, Blue, Cream, Pink, Lavender, and Yellow

Furry Travelers To Go Pet Bowl


Product Features

  • Fits into your vehicle’s standard or extra-large sized cup holder
  • Removable splash guard and lid prevent spilling while driving
  • Removable Cup can be used to store your dog’s food or treats
  • Bowl can also be used on the ground by removing the cup
  • Great for dogs of all sizes

Furry Travelers To Go Pet Bowl


Some customer reviews

“I have been searching for a product that I could use for my dog in the front seat area of my car for a while, but regular bowls just wouldn’t work. The To Go Bowl is exactly what I have been looking for. It uses your cup holder as it’s base (it can also be used on a flat surface by taking the cup holder base off) so now you can always have water for your pooch while traveling.

One feature I really like is that the cup holder base is off center, so you can easily fit the bowl in a cup holder that’s not in the middle of your console. (mine is closer to the front of my car panel, so since the base is off center I can place the bowl there, otherwise it wouldn’t fit.)
Both my 20 pound dog and 75 pound dog are able to use this. I assume a large dog with a big/short snout might not be able to use it as easily.

I have one for my car, and will buy another one for my Golf Cart. Great product.” — Diane Banks

“When I travel with my two Standard Poodles, they get real thirsty. With the TO GO BOWL, I now have the perfect product for my dogs. The TO GO BOWL keeps both of my dogs hydrated while traveling with them. When they’re thirsty, they just help themselves. It’s great! The To Go Bowl keeps my attention on the road when I travel because I know my dogs thirsts are taken care of.

The inventor of this product should get an award for developing such a great travel aid for pets and pet owners. And, I especially like the fact that it’s a product made in the USA.” — Eileen

Furry Travelers To Go Pet Bowl

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