Furever Deshedder Stainless Steel Pet Hair Grooming Brush removes loose hairs to help preventing shedding. You can less vacuum your house to clean up those never ending pet hair. This product works by removing the loose hair from the undercoat, it leaves the desirable beautiful and healthy top coat and instantly stop shedding at the source. This brush is constructed of bacteria-free stainless steel, light weight, and well balanced for extreme comfort when deShedding your pet. You can use this product for both short hair and long hair pets.

Furever Deshedder Stainless Steel Pet Hair Deshedding Grooming Brush


Product Features

  • Reduces Shedding By Removing Loose Hairs From You Pets Undercoat – Removes Loose Hairs From The Source While Keeping Your Pets Top Coat Looking Healthy and Beautiful
  • All Stainless Steel Design for Extreme Durability – Lightweight and Balanced For Extreme Comfort
  • The Medium 2.65 Inch Comb is Perfect For Deshedding Your Cats and Dogs that Never Seem to Stop Shedding
  • Perfect for Either Long-Haired or Short-Haired Animals – Gently Stimulates and Massages the Skin to Promote Blood Circulation
  • Comes with Protective Sheath to Protect the Fine Teeth When Not In Use

The Furever Deshedder Grooming Brush comes with a sheath to protect the teeth from damage when the comb is not in use. At the same time, the comb teeth can massage your pet’s skin to promote blood circulation, your best friend will love it.

Furever Deshedder Stainless Steel Pet Hair Deshedding Grooming Brush


A customer review

“I have two large dogs and they shed. So I HOPED this deshedder would work. IT DOES. I really like it and the dogs do too. It is comfortable to use and effectively desheds my Lab beautifully. I am so glad I bought this. Thanks.” — C. A. Crosby

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