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Your reptiles and aquatic amphibians need high protein to maintain their health, Fluker’s 1.2oz Freeze Dried River Shrimp can provide them with what their need. As you probably already know, shrimp are a natural prey for many different fish, because they are the source of protein and essential amino acids. This is a good quality food, your turtles will love it.

Fluker's 1.2oz Freeze Dried River Shrimp

$6.99 (1.2 oz)*


Product Features

  • Reptiles and Amphibians supplies
  • Food Packaged
  • Pet Food & Feeding Supplies
  • 1.2 oz

Some customer reviews

“Very good quality, whole shrimp – not just broken up pieces & powder like some other brands. My cichlid loves these.” — Smartypants

“Good quality – turtle loves it. Wish there were more variety of these items for aquatic turtles on Amazon.” — Nancy L. Albritton

This product is also available in this merchant
- PetStore ($4.99*) buy-now

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