Flexi classic long tape leash is wonderful product with high quality made in German. You can have so much fun with your dog while taking her or him for a walk in the park. It fits very well in your hand and you can operate it easily without giving any discomfort feeling to you or your pet. This version of Flexi has extra-long 23-foot tape to give your dog complete freedom of movement.

Flexi Classic Rectractable Cord/Tape Lead 23 Ft.


You can use your thumb to press the brake button to control your dog, and release your thumb to let the belt run again. It has a brake lock that let you stop the leash at any length you like. Flexi classic retractable long cord/tape leash has patented 1-hand-operated braking/retracting system that will never let you down.

Product Features

  • Robust, retractable, extra-long dog leash with patented braking and retraction technology
  • Brake button and brake lock ergonomically conceived for 1-handed control
  • For large dogs up to 110 pounds
  • No assembly required
  • Invented in Germany

Some customer reviews

“There seems to be quality in this leash which is something that seems to be hard to find now. I would buy this product again. I particularly like the longer 26 ft.” — Linda Waller

“I have a 110 but my dog is only 26lbs and it keeps him next to you” — Ray Sylvia

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