Feline Greenies are great cat care products to help with stinky breath and keep your cat’s teeth cleaner. It has several different flavors you can choose: beef, salmon, tuna, and ocean fish. Do you know that more than 80% of cats have dental disease by the age of four? You could prevent that by giving greenies to your cat.

Feline Greenies Beef Flavor


Product Features

  • Independent studies confirm Feline Greenies reduces calculus by 24%.
  • In tests versus a top-selling cat treat cats ate more than twice as much of the Feline Greenies┬┐.
  • Of the cats showing a consumption preference 100% chose Feline Greenies

This product is also available in different flavors

Feline Greenies Tuna FlavorFeline Greenies Salmon FlavorFeline Greenies Ocean Fish Flavor

Some customer reviews

“My cat is a rescued feral who has some gum and intestinal issues left over from his humble beginnings. He loves the taste of these treats. Unlike many kinds of cat food and treats, the Greenies do not give him gas or diarrhea. And his mouth and coat (he is is a meticulous groomer) smell less like a dumpster. Good for him. Good for us.” — L. Gildart

“I have four cats and two dogs. My cats will come tell me when they think they should get Greenie treats. There is no waste. Some like one flavor more than another.” — A. Manners

“I’ve been buying these since they first came out and my cats love them. The oldest is 11 years and they obviously helped his teeth because the vet was suprised they looked so good for his age.” — LeosPets807

This product is also available in this merchant
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