Cleaning the floor after grooming your pet can be a bit difficult without proper tools. This unique Everholder FURemover Broom is a must have product. It features soft bristles which are made from 100% natural rubber. It grabs pet hair just like a magnet, it can clean from virtually any surface, such as: clothing, carpet, hardwood floors, rugs, and many more. Removing hair, dust, lint, and dirt is pretty easy with this broom. It has built-in squeegee, perfect for cleaning windows or flat surfaces. It can also be used wet when you need to clean your cars, boats, and R.V.’s.

Everholder FURemover Broom


Product Features

  • Unique broom with soft bristles made from 100-percent natural rubber
  • Removes hair, lint, dust, and dirt from clothing, upholstery, and carpet
  • Use wet to clean cars and boats; built-in squeegee for cleaning windows
  • Durably designed; fully washable and hygienic; telescoping handle
  • Measures 12 by 32 to 60 inches


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