Do you have Drinkwell Pet Fountain? If you feel that it’s pretty hard to clean it, you might need Drinkwell Cleaning Kit that consists of a plastic molded handle, flared sponge tip (very good for deep cleaning), and vinyl wraps to help protecting the wire shaft from rust. Although the name indicates that you should use it to clean Drinkwell Pet Fountain, this cleaning kit can be used for all pet fountains. Keep your Drinkwell fountain functioning smoothly and providing healthy water to your pets.

Drinkwell Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit


Product Features

  • Convenient way to clean where you can?t reach with a sponge
  • Works with all Drinkwell fountains
  • Vinyl wraps protect wire shaft from rust
  • Flared sponge tip for deep cleaning
  • Keep your fountain operating smoothly

Some customer reviews

“This trio of brushes do a great job of getting in all the nooks and crannies of the pet fountain.” — Sheri Foglio

“Fresh water does not count, if the bowl is slimy. Not only are the tools top quality, but the instructions on the back of the package are much better than those that came with the pet fountain.” — Dean Smith

“Should be included in with the fountain. It was absolutely impossible to clean before (took an hour, I am not kidding) but using this kit makes it easy & fast.” — Verrine

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