Training the pet can certainly be an enjoying activity. But, when this activity is not done in the right way, your dog might feel so stress and so will you as the owner. There are various tricks that may be amusing to the owner as well as the people around the dog. One that is quite interesting in nature is the “play dead” trick. Dog Treats are always needed when you training your dog to do some tricks. Not only that, don’t forget to always say great things or praises when your dog has done the trick very well, such as: good boy, smart girl, great, while giving the dog soft pat in the head or caress. In order to teach your dog how to “play dead”, it is recommended that you need to teach the dog some basic tricks, such as sit and lay down.

Dog Training Play Dead Trick

Once this is done, try saying play dead or with a finger pointing as a gun, say bang! bang!. After that, position them in a way that they are lying down on the floor on their back. Wait for a few seconds before a treat is to be given as well as some deserving praise. Some trainers also recommend to first say “play dead” when the dog is laying down on their back naturally. This will help them relate the word with what they are currently doing. This process is to be repeated frequently so that the dog will remember how to do them. During the first few days, it is best to constantly give them delicious treats when they have accomplished the trick. However, after a while, try to lose the treat and give them lots of praises instead. After a while, they will be able to lay down by just listening to the command given by the owner.

Dog Training Play Dead Trick

As I wrote earlier, if your dog couldn’t do the trick at first, don’t worry, it’s common that not all dogs can do this trick at first. It’s not your dog’s fault, so there’s no reason to give him or her a punishment. Instead, try to make the process as enjoyable as possible. Not only will the dog be able to learn tricks faster in the future but also strengthen the bond between the owner and the canine.

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