Train your dog to stop unnecessary barking with Dog Silencer Pro Ultimate Pack. This product is a popular anti-barking system and trusted by dog trainers, kennel owners around the world. It works by using high pitched sonic and ultrasonic (inaudible to humans) sounds to train dogs to stop barking. This unit is easy to use and install, it won’t do any harm to the dogs.

Dog Silencer Pro Ultimate Pack


Product Features

  • New Ultimate Pack includes Unit, 2 Remote Controls, AC Adapter and 75ft Extension
  • Works up to 3X Farther than Competition – Detects Barking up to 75ft, Ultrasonic Sound Travels 300ft
  • Use Indoors and Outdoors. Powered by 9V Battery or AC Adapter.
  • Trusted by Dog Trainers, Kennel Owners, US Military in Iraq and Customers Worldwide
  • Installs Virtually Anywhere With Ease. Compact and Water Resistant

Dog Silencer Pro Ultimate Pack


Some customer reviews

“I originally purchased and reviewed the Complete Pack and I just wanted to endorse this new pack since the DSP worked so well for me.

I just moved into a new place next to some neighbors who have three annoying Pit bulls. They constantly bark for no reason at all. For the past three weeks I’ve had trouble sleeping and I work early, so imagine the frustration I had. I finally bought the Dog Silencer Pro and set it outside my door. At first, the dogs still barked, but it wasn’t as bad. I could tell that every time they barked, they noticed something because their barking sounded distorted. Then, after a couple of weeks, their barking has almost completely stopped. At least now, I can sleep at night!” — Jason

“I have two dogs that would bark at anything near our house for no apparent reason. Yelling did not silence them immediately. It was a nuisance. After a couple of weeks of using the Dog Silencer Pro, the barking has almost stopped so It’s definitely having an affect on them.” — Roxanne

“I know that some reviews haven’t been the most positive, but upon a friends advice (she has one, and loves it) I purchased the Dog Silencer Pro for my 2 dogs. Shipping was fast & easy. I did contact their Customer Support for some help in finding the best place possible to set it up. They were great & very helpful. I noticed a change within the first week after setting it up. I highly recommend this. Thank you for the Dog Silencer Pro!!!!” — Momof3

Dog Silencer Pro Ultimate Pack

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