This handheld vacuum is pretty great vacuum cleaner to help cleaning your pet’s fur. You can enjoy the companionship of your dogs or cats without having to worry about a house full of fur. Dirt Devil M0105 Purpose for Pets Hand Vacuum. This unit is especially designed for pet owners, the 7 amp unit has powerful motorized brush which removes dirt and lift stubborn pet’s fur better than the suction alone.

Dirt Devil M0105 Purpose for Pets Hand Vac


Product Features

  • Reduces pet hair & allergens in the home
  • A powerful motorized brush lifts stubborn pet hair off of carpet, furniture, upholstery & stairs
  • Also works great for cleaning up kitty litter & pet food spills
  • HEPA filtration traps 100% of the common allergens in home, including pet dander
  • Includes 5-piece tool set with a special pet hair upholstery brush

Dirt Devil M0105 Purpose for Pets Hand Vac


You can use Dirt Devil M0105 Vacuum to clean your furniture, stairs, and upholstery, or even pet food spills. It has HEPA filtration that traps 100 percent of common household allergens, this is an important feature that you should remember when you consider this handheld pet vacuum cleaner.

Some customer reviews

“I recommend this hand vac for anyone with pets. I own a dark blue rug and have two house cats who love to lay on this rug. This vac removes the pet hair easily. Pet hair does not stand a chance. Hope this model is never discontinued…!” — N. Moore

“This little hand held vac works great! Its long cord reaches all the stairs, plenty of power and cleaning the container is not so bad. Far beats toting a upright up and down the stairs. Easier and safer.” — Steven L. Boston

“All I can say is this handheld vac is the best thing we have ever used. We own a cat resort and see a lot of hair all over the carpeted ramps, litter mats, etc. This vac removes it all very quickly and efficiently. The rotating brush is very powerful, the fact that it is corded is great and the cord is very long plus we don’t have to wait for it to charge up. I love it!” — Patrick Brinson

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