Delicious Greenies Pill Pockets Dog Treats are a proven solution to give your dog its pill in tasty way. These nutritious treats contain a built-in pocket, a perfect place to hide a pill or supplement. Your dog will enjoy its pill time because he will love the taste so much that he won’t notice there’s medicine inside. This product is also a source of vitamins C and E for healthier immune system.

Beef Pill Pocket


Product Features

  • No mess
  • Beef Flavor
  • veterinarian formulated
  • Easy to use re-sealable pouch
  • pets love the taste

Some customer reviews

“This is a great buy compared to buying the same product from a local pet store. My only reason for not rating it a “5″ is that the pockets do not seem to be well formed. It’s almost as if the manufacturer got all the partial pockets together to make a “seconds” product line.” — James J. Spencer

“My dog will eat anything out of a beef pill pocket! I am sometimes tempted they smell so good.” — Caroline H. Alabach

“These were exactly what I was looking for, and my dog loves them. He eagerly takes his capsules when they are hidden in one of these. I occasionally give them as a special treat, as well. I highly recommend them.” — G. Smith

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