Keep yourself and the dog safe while training an aggressive dog. This DT well-fitting wire basket muzzle offers comfort and safety for both of you, the dog and the trainer. This product is made from specially engineered metallic materials to maintain the shape and integrity of the muzzle. The company kept the dog’s safety as their priority when constructed this muzzle. DT muzzle provides great ventilation while the strong metallic construction ensures long life and the shape. Very practical to use for training, traveling, patrolling, guarding, and visiting the vet.

Dean & Tyler Dog Wire Basket Muzzle


Product Features

  • Even during summer, this wire muzzle will keep your dog ventilated
  • Vet visit is no longer an issue with this muzzle
  • This product has been recommended by vets and dog trainers
  • Prevent your dog from biting or eating dangerous objects

Dean & Tyler Dog Wire Basket Muzzle


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