The Corner Dog Bed with Bolster XXL 44″ x 64″ x 44″ from Caddis is a great bed for any fantastic dogs. Its big size allows even the biggest of dogs to lay down on it. Coming in four different colors: khaki, khaki plaid, charcoal grey, or hunter plaid, those that are interested in this product will have more choices to choose from. Mixing and matching with the current furniture will also be easier with these options made available.

corner dog bed with bolster xxl

The product comes with a zipped and removable cover that definitely helps when cleaning. It is also machine washable thus decreasing the cost of cleaning it. The cover is made from oatmeal Berber material which is absolutely soft. In addition to that, Hypro-loft fibers are also used to fill the bed. With all of this being used, owners can be rest assured that this corner dog bed has been made using some of the highest grade materials.

Bear in mind that due to its big size, it will take a lot of space in the room. Therefore, be sure to save up some space so that it will fit in properly in the room. If not, there are also smaller sizes available which may suit the need of the household.

The price tag of under $60 is definitely cheap as the bed is quite big in size. In addition to that, the high quality material used will make sure that the product will last long as well. Those that are interested can head on to Amazon or the local pet store. In conclusion, this corner dog bed is a great addition to any house and the pets will definitely thank for it.

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