Contech SquirrelStop Automatic Spinning Squirrel Deterrent protects your hanging bird feeder from bad squirrels. Feed the bird, not the squirrel. Don’t worry, this bird feeder is harmless to squirrel, when a squirrel climbs onto the feeder, Contech SquirrelStop motor will automatically spin the feeder, this will make the squirrel to jump off. Soon, those squirrels will leave your bird feeder alone, birds can enjoy their food undisturbed. It’s really funny, just watch when those squirrels get surprised and jump off ;)

Contech SquirrelStop Automatic Spinning Squirrel Deterrent


Product Features

  • The weight of a squirrel on the feeder Starts the SquirrelStop spinning for 20 seconds causing the squirrel to jump off
  • Safe and harmless to squirrels and birds
  • Works with any hanging feeder up to 10 lbs.
  • Easy to use – no assembly required
  • SquirrelStop helps ensure you are feeding birds – not squirrels

Some customer reviews

“First I will say the ad,(or should I say the box) is deceiving. It shows the unit with a feeder,and for the price I was expecting one…The squirrels still get food. As they jump up and get on,there is a delay for the unit to start spinning…But I must say Its a belly laugh watching them try..over and over Lots of fun anyway……” — Richard E. Martire

“We bought two and they both work just fine. It took a few days before they finally got tired of jumping on and being dumped off while spinning. It made for some great laughter. Still they come in and try it ever so often I guess to see if it went away.” — Starfli

“The Squirrel stop is fantastic. The squirrels land on the feeder and then go flying off. The only problem is, instead of learning to stay away from the feeders, our squirrels seem to enjoy “riding” on the feeders.” — S.P. Eckinger

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