New York Dog Wool Toggle Dog Coat is so far the best coat for dog we’ve even seen. It’s stylish and will look good on your dog. It’s classy and elegant with wonderful details. It’s available in 2 different sizes, 10-inch and 16-inch. Look at the coat, how could you not love it.

New York Dog Wool Toggle Dog Coat


Product Features

  • Wool coat with toggles on back
  • Body of coat is made of wool
  • Three toggles line the back of the coat
  • Opening for leash
  • Offered in a variety of colors and sizes subject to availability

New York Dog Wool Toggle Dog Coat


Some customer reviews

“I love the way it looks. It’s cute without being frou-frou (not that there’s not a place and time for frou-frou). The only bad/funny thing was I put this over a fuzzy pink sweater and took her to the vet and a pet show and everyone tried to sell me stuff! I think it looks classy and everyone assumed it was expensive and so assumed I was the “type” to buy their stuff.” — Sadie’s Wardrobe Advisor

“Snuggles loves this coat! He wears it on special occasions. I purchased the Navy with a red collar. The colors are intense and the red really gives a great contrast with the navy. There was a lot of attention to detail. The fit was perfect. I purchased 2 coats thinking if one didn’t work the other would. Well, I kept both coats. I loved them both and I couldn’t make a decision. They both fit him perfectly and they were both easy on and off. The quality was outstanding. I would purchase again and again from this vendor. They carry quality products.” — Rusti

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