These are not ordinary balls, playing the game of fetch is fun with the best ball for the game. Chuckit! Ultra Ball provides you high quality ball that bounces higher, floats higher, and flies farther. You can use all types of Medium Chuckit! Ball Launchers with this ball. This product is made from natural high bounce rubber, so it’s perfect for fetching.

Chuckit Ultra Ball 2 Balls Medium


Product Features

  • Durable dog ball perfect for fetching
  • Made from natural high-bounce rubber
  • Great for pools and ponds
  • Easy to clean
  • Works with medium Chuckit! Ball Launchers

Some customer reviews

“The best dog balls we’ve ever bought. My labs love these balls; in fact I can honestly say they are obsessed with them. These balls are hard rubber, very bouncy, float and my dogs haven’t been able to chew these up like regular tennis balls. And these balls are not furry so the dirt and grass doesn’t stick like it does on regular tennis balls. I hate picking up a tennis ball that is all furry and matted with dirt. I think our dogs feel the same way because whenever it’s time to play they bring us these and they ignore the tennis balls! Cost a little more than tennis balls, but they last longer.” — Jean Pearson

“My lab won’t put this toy down except of course for us to throw it! She carries it around for hours, chews on it, bounces it, slobbers it, loves it! It keeps her occupied for hours. I have to steal it away from her to get her to relax. She is quite the chewer but even after hours of chomping on this toy, she hasn’t managed to kill it like all her other balls. Chuckit is the perfect size to carry in her mount and is slightly squishy (unlike the Kong balls, which adds to her enjoyment. The price is not bad at all for two balls.” — Cabushka

“Our Boston Terrier loves balls but would destroy a tennis ball in about 30 minutes. These Chuckit Medium balls are about the same size as a tennis ball and virtually indestructible. She has chewed and chewed on it, which kept her happily busy for hours and now we play endless fetch with it. Highly recommended if your dog destroys her toys! It will last a long time.” — Margaret

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