Cheese Please Dog Treat is a natural nutrition and delicious treat for your dog that love cheese. This dog treat is a healthy way for your best buddy to enjoy pure cheese. It’s made from real Wisconsin cheese which has 99 percent lactose free and low salt, then baked and crumbled. There’s not additional ingredient which makes this dog treat is healthier compare to any cheese in the supermarket. As you can see the result is, crunchy mini cheese nuggets with only 3 calories per nugget.

Cheese Please Natural Dog Treats


You can use Cheese Please Dog Treats as reward while training your dog, even the smallest breed can enjoy this tasty dog treat because of it’s mini size. No wheat, no corn, no soy, and no grains, so even dogs with allergies will enjoy Cheese Please.

Product Features

  • This dog treat contains just one ingredient, that is pure Winsconsin cheese
  • The baking process has been patented, no sugar, no trans-fat, no MSG, no grains, no corn, no soy, no wheat
  • This product is 99% lactose free, low fat, low carb and low sodium
  • Made in USA

Cheese Please Natural Dog Treats


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