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Bird Net 7.5-inch with 12-inch Handle

Bird Net 7.5″ with 12″ handle. There is other option for bigger bird net. This bird net is lightweight with plastic handles, sturdy, and 100% nylon setting. You can use it to catch butterflies or other insects.

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Your Bird Can Hang Out and Manicure On This Perch

Have you ever seen manicure perch? This looks like a great idea. Your bird can hang out and at the same time manicure his/her foot. This unit is not like other rough concrete pet bird perches which usually cause open sores on bird’s feet. It is...

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K&H Thermo Perch Protects Your Exotic Birds

K&H Thermo Perch helps protect your birds from cold environment by providing a source of warmth using this tool. Thermo Perch will circulate the warmth through the bird’s feet. A stable habitat is one of important parts to keep your bird co...

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