This interactive dog toy will make your dog go crazy trying to catch it. Cardinal Laboratories Crazy Pet Bumble Ball jumps, shakes, wiggles, and bumbles. Trust me, your dog will have a great time playing with it for hours. Please understand that this is not a chew toy, so do not let your dog chew on the knobs, supervise your dog when playing.

Cardinal Laboratories Crazy Pet Bumble Ball


Product Features

  • Interactive toy to keep your dog entertained for hours
  • Various colors
  • Have fun watching your dog chasing around to catch the “Bubble Ball”

Based on some customer reviews, dogs love playing with this toy. They can’t figure out what it is or what they should do with it, yet, they’ll spend a lot of time and energy trying to figure it out. Please do not leave your dog unattended when playing, the dog might chew off the rubber bits. A customer even bought this toy so that his dog who recently lost sight can play and have fun again. This toy will keep your dog moving on rainy days when they don’t have anything else to chase.

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